Cecille demonstrates various opposites, (this song is pronounced "Up, Down, In, Out, Over, and Under").


Cecile: I'm lost in the daze

Runnin' opposite ways

Since I got mixed up with you

Goin' fast, goin' slow, goin' high, goin' low

Trying something old and something new

Goin' far goin' near,Goin' there goin' here

Being opposite is what I do

I'm going up, down, in, out, over, and under Cecile Trio:

(Up, down, in, out, over, and under)

Up, down, in, out, over, and under over you!

See me shrink, see me grow

I'm above, I'm below

First I go, and then I stop

Three Ceciles (Then I stop)

Cecile: Travelin' heavy or light

To the left or the right

To the bottom or to the top!

Three Ceciles:' (To the top!)

Cecile: First I'm short then I'm tall

I'm an opposite ball going to and fro and fro and to

I'm goin' up down in out over and under

Three Ceciles: (Up down in out over and under)

Cecile Up down in out over All: and under over you!

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