The theme song is the introduction song starring Cecille and her special abilities, illustrated by the singer (provided by Christopher Cerf.) It was animated by Teresa Drilling. It is followed by an announcer saying "And now ladies and gentlemen, Cecille!"

Lyrics Edit

She can bounce, she can roll, she can spin like a wheel

She's got a rubber soul and her name is Cecille

Cecille, no one can match you!

Cecille, you're off the wall!

Cecille, I'm gonna catch you!

And when I do, I'm gonna have a ball. Whoo!

Announcer: (speaking) And now ladies and gentlemen, Cecille!

Trivia Edit

  • It is unknown if the theme song served as the 6th Cecille segment itself or not.
  • It appears in every segment before a song starts.
  • Before a song would start, after the announcer's intro to Cecille, the sounds of applause would trail off to a drum rolling and then a cymbal crash, transitioning into the song.