I Want To Be Me
Cecille sings about retaining her individuality.



Lyrics Edit

Everyone keeps trying to tell me what to be or do

They say I should be green or yellow, red or white or blue,

They say there should be two of me, or eight, or twenty-three

But, why should I be someone else? I'm happy being me!

People say "Cecille, it's time to try a new design!"

Be a cone, a cube, a pyramid, oh girl, you'll look divine!

Turn plaid, or striped, or spotted

Dress yourself with filigree!

Well I know they're trying to help me but, Hey! I'm happy being me!

I wanna be me.

Yes, I wanna be me!

Hate braggin' but, gee! It's all that you see

That's exactly who I want to be!

I'm orange and well rounded!

I'm proud and I'm free!

Happy as a clam that I am what I am, I wanna be me!

Happy as a clam that I am what I am

Yes, I wanna be me!

Trivia Edit

  • This marks the only time where Cecille turns into an animal near the end of the song rather than an object, vehicle, or shape.
  • Despite that Cecille wants to be what she is (an orange ball of clay with only red lips,) there are many times where Cecille could take the form of any kind of shape.